Hot online boutique you need to know: 1 of 1’s by Jolie

No Way Custom Jersey- $70 (Photo courtesy of 1 of 1’s by Jolie)


In today’s era of technology, an outfit can be purchased simply with the click of a mouse. There are several online shops that sell various fashions — so many that some believe the fashion retail industry is becoming over-saturated. But even with all the options out there, some especially unique shops manage to stand out from the rest, such as 1 of 1’s by Jolie.

Angelique Walker’s 1 of 1’s by Jolie pieces are urban chic and handmade to ensure that customers won’t look like a carbon copy of anyone else. She offers custom items and puts an incredible amount of detail into each piece she sells. The boutique’s style is truly incomparable to any other items in the fashion world.

We asked Walker what she thinks makes 1 of 1’s by Jolie so distinctive from other shops and whether opening a physical store is in her future.

What inspired you to start 1 of 1’s by Jolie?

The inspiration behind 1 of 1’s by Jolie started when I realize that a lot of women were going to an event in Memphis, Tennessee, wearing similar outfits. While working in retail, I would see no originality and no creativity. I decided then that I wanted to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

What separates 1 of 1’s by Jolie from other online fashion shops?

One word: authenticity.

In the oversaturated industry of online fashion shops, what is the most important aspect of making items and a store stand out from others?

Customization, [because] customers receive an experience where they are in control. Customers are able to add their ideas. For example, I provide custom pieces, but a client is always welcome to modify any piece until it’s their very own. That’s is what sets me apart from any online shop.

BackToSchool Distress jeans- $85 (Photo courtesy of 1 of 1’s by Jolie)


What is your best-selling product, and why do you think it’s the most popular?

My best-selling products are my custom denim jeans. I get to create items that one would not think belong on denim. I use pearls, gold and silver accents, sequins and so much more. My denim pieces create most of the attention for 1 of 1’s by Jolie.

Why should potential shoppers visit 1 of 1’s by Jolie?

Potential shoppers should know that they are getting a custom, handmade item. Each piece is made with care and charisma. You will definitely stand out and not look like anyone else.

What kind of woman would you say your pieces cater to the most?

Confident and bold women, women who are not afraid to make statements. A woman who knows her sense of style and wears it well.

How do you plan to expand your line?

I plan to expand my brand by opening up my own store and have buyers from big-name retailers carry my line in their stores. From there, that would open up the doors to endless opportunities.

Visit 1 of 1’s by Jolie here. Follow the boutique on Instagram @shop1of1sbyJolie, Facebook at, and Twitter @1of1sbyJolie.

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