1 of 1s By Jolie

When searching for a new online store to shop from, what are the qualities that you look for? Great customer service and custom clothing that’s going to set you apart from the crowd? Well, Angelique Walker, the owner of 1 of 1’s Jolie, has all that plus the ambition to keep her business thriving! 

Check out the interview below to see how Angelique motivates herself to stay original in this over saturated online boutique frenzy, dreams of Beyonce’ wearing her pieces, and making a big move to Texas.

How long have you been designing?

I’ve been designing...

Hot online boutique you need to know: 1 of 1’s by Jolie

No Way Custom Jersey- $70 (Photo courtesy of 1 of 1’s by Jolie)


In today’s era of technology, an outfit can be purchased simply with the click of a mouse. There are several online shops that sell various fashions — so many that some believe the fashion retail industry is becoming over-saturated. But even with all the options out there, some especially unique shops manage to stand out from the rest, such as 1 of 1’s by Jolie.

Angelique Walker’s 1 of 1’s by Jolie pieces are urban...